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The Yoga Examiner Healthy Life Challenge 2010: Claire

Claire will get back to the gym in 2010.
Claire will get back to the gym in 2010.

Claire will make a switch to eating organic food products and get back to the gym.

Atlantic City Yoga Examiner (YE):
What is your health/fitness resolution for 2010?

Claire (C): Weight loss of up to 40 lbs and switch to organic at least in meats, poultry and dairy.

YE: What methods will you use?

C: Belong to Future Fitness although membership was frozen due to holiday work schedule. Diet is calorie counting, limiting fat, no refined sugars and switching to organic.

What data will you use to track your progress?

C: Weekly weigh in in my bathroom!

Have you already started your fitness routine?

Every Monday!!

YE: Do you plan on involving your children?

C: Would like to start a yoga class with children, just struggle with schedules.


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