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The year that was in Buffalo Politics

Well it's that time of year to look back and reflect on the year that was and in that spirit, let's reflect on Buffalo politics. Buffalo's typical bumbling political antics have earned a not so nostalgic lookback at some of the lowlights from the year that was:

Topping the bumbling blunders list has to be Mayor Byron Brown signing an agreement with the Occupy Buffalo protesters. I know adding 5 people to the city population looks good on paper, but why is this the only city in the country inviting these people to "come in and stay awhile?"

The local headline should read, "Buffalo schools earn millions in aid by fixing schools." What the headline will read, "Union lawsuit costs schools million in aid and court fees." Oh Phil Rumore, how we will miss you...someday.

The fight over foodtrucks. I understand restaurant owners feeling a little territorial, but do we really want to discourage business in the city? Healthy competition is a good thing and provides revenue through licenses and sales tax. Doesn't the third poorest city in the nation have better things to worry about?

Is the Erie County Republican Party allergic to the water in the city? Another election year, another lengthy list of no republican candidates for several city seats. The Republicans threw all of their energy into watching Chris Collins go up in flames and forgot that wasn't the only race that mattered.

I could just rewrite the last paragraph over for former County Executive Chris Collins. How do you run for re-election and ignore the 300,000 residents of the City of Buffalo. The sad part is he still almost won doing exactly that.

The City is considering taking over the outer harbor from the NFTA. Brilliant move, since the city's own waterfront story is such a success. I can't wait for the opening of Bass Pro...oops that plan already had a hook sunk into it.

The handling of the Superintendent situation is proof positive that the city is doomed. First we're going to fire the superintendent, then retire him, then retire him more quickly. So in the end, it's decided to pay him off and get on with the job of not educating our children. Couldn't the board have done that three years ago and saved a lot of effort?

And finally, no bumbling Buffalo list would be complete without the addition of Mayor Byron Brown. The guy looks great in a suit and that's about it. The good news is his biggest accomplishment this year was firing his human resource director. This was something that should have happened two years ago, but thanks to the bureaucracy of city hall, it took a ton of money and time. Remind me again why we love living here?


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