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The Year Ahead in Baltimore Drinks - 2012

The fancy new sign at Heavy Seas Ale House
The fancy new sign at Heavy Seas Ale House

So this whole "January" thing is a little annoying. And no, I'm not complaining about the weather this time... As long as it keeps jumping over 50 here and there, it can snow and rain and mist all it wants. No, I'm talking about this whole "passage of time" thing. You guys know about this? Yeah, it's like... you know, when things are moving along and it's a New Year and all that, then all of a sudden (not "all of THE sudden", by the way... I can't stress this enough!) it's almost February and you're writing your rent checks (or your mortgage checks for all (both) my grownup readers) and whatnot. Yeah, that thing blows.

What I'm saying is, suck it January... for being so freakin' short and now it's like 1/12th of the year is already gone!? Lame.

Anyway, I figure I've got most of this year ahead of me, but there's not as much precious, precious time as there should be. So I'm starting to examine what this next 11 months has in store, and damn if it's not a good one. Not only will I be writing more (for myself, as well as for you kids), and there's talk (in my head) of a fancy new website, but there's also this whole Mayan Apocalypse thing just out there waiting... pretty sweet, huh?

But I know you're not here for that. You want to know what the cool cats are drinking, and where. And when, by the way. So looking ahead with an eye on all the good boozing opps, I came up with this completely incomplete and arbitrary list of the biggest beverage imbibing events just lurking out there in 'The Grey' mist of the upcoming year... Starring Liam Neeson.

No? Too soon? Too terrible? Whatever... here we go.

  • Heavy Seas Ale House Grand Opening
    February 15th
    Not sure what the specifics are yet, but this has to be one of the most anticipated pub openings in recent history! Heavy Seas Beer has been a Baltimore staple for years, and the Ale House offers them a great venue in a prime location to share their brews with the good folk of the city... and many tourists as well, I imagine. Will be there with bells on!
  • Belgian Beer Fest @ Max's Taphouse
    February 17-19, 11am-close
    This is the kick-start to the 2012 festival season. Sure we've got the Super Bowl and its accompanying consumption, but the REAL beer gets flowing at Max's a couple weeks later. Just a complete onslaught of Belgian brews... hundreds of kegs and bottles just waiting for me to consume! Three full days of absolute beer geek nirvana.
  • Rye's Up Against Cystic Fibrosis @ B&O American Brasserie
    February 26th, 6-9pm
    The Baltimore Bartenders' Guild hosts this charity bartending competition featuring Bulleit Rye whiskey. Each guild member will concoct his/her own elixir for you to taste and the food will be provided by B&O, Woodberry Kitchen, and Ten Ten. What more do you need to know?
  • Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival @ Timonium Fairgrounds
    March 23, 5:30-9:30pm & March 24th, Noon-6pm
    Nothing goes better with good BBQ than good beer... or is it good bourbon? Oh well, why pick sides when you can have both!? This two-day celebration of good ole American eatin' brings them all together with live music and plenty other entertainments to keep you occupied while you're stuffing face.
  • Baltimore Beer Week 2012
    October 4-14 (tentatively)
    This is looking WAY forward, but it's only the hugest collection of beer events in a single week (or 11 days) that Baltimore has ever seen. And now in its 4th year, our very own Beer Week just keeps getting bigger and better. Obviously I don't know all the details, but if you want to run this marathon of brews, you'd better start training now...

So if that's not enough to get you jump-started into another year of phenomenal drinking, then there is no hope for you, my child. Of course, there will be more... much more... but I just thought I'd whet your appetite a bit. And if you feel like taking a trip to Annapolis this very evening (January 31st), there's a little birthday party for Punk's Backyard Grill to be attended by yours truly, among others, featuring a killer lineup of Maryland beer. So come out and join me, if you will, at this and any fine display of imbibery throughout the year, even if there are only 11 months left...

It's a pretty good bet I'll be there. Drink well, my friends!

Mark Burlet

Drunken Intellectual

Twitter: @DrunkIntellect


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