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The XL Pipeline; Kill Or Be Killed

This is your hometown
This is your hometown
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While we distract ourselves with the Superbowl tomorrow, and I'm as guilty as anyone about loving football....a declaration of war was sent across the land yesterday. The war of living at the expense of corporate profits is going to a whole other level, and we are all on the front lines this time. If you have any sense of what it means to survive, sit up and take notice. The XL pipeline, as clear a threat to mankinds's survival as anything to come before it, was approved by a study bought and paid for, and reviewed by the oil industry before it was even released to the rest of us. Produced certainly to pave way for the pipeline's Presidential approval, the people most affected weren't even an afterthought in this so-called study.

The black ribbon or snake of death foretold in American Indian prophecy is here. Make no mistake, people are going to die because of this pipeline. Let that sink in for a moment. People....are going to die. How many and how often are the only specifics we don't know yet. Ranchers, environmentalists, and American Indians will stand in the trenches and give their lives fighting this pipeline, of that you can be certain. And if or when all or part of this poisonous snake becomes operational, it will kill. It will kill just as we have seen from dozens of spills and other accidents with the other sections carrying this toxic substance. Everywhere it has flowed, death has followed.

It used to be that you could say we were all addicted to oil. I don't think that's the case anymore. I think it's clear most people are now recognizing the time has come to end this addiction, and whether it be through innovation or just buying decisions people are starting to act on this new conviction. But Washington is still addicted. Not to oil necessarily but definitely the money that flows from the lobbying pipeline. And that addiction is seeking to force the XL pipeline down our throats. The time is coming where people are going to have to decide where they stand. Do you stand for at least the innocuous sense of sustainable living and saving the land, or will you allow unchecked corporate greed once and for all tilt the scale towards our inevitable mass poisoning?

Very few, if any Americans will benefit from this project. Untold numbers will suffer from it. Please, America....please Americans, stop this. If ever there was a time or reason to stand up and do something, it is now. Stand in the breech, prevent this pipeline from being laid down. Sabotage it by every means possible. If all you can do is call your representatives in Congress, then for all means do that. Do what you can do. Do it and then do it again. Kill this snake before it kills us all.