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The Xbox One no longer Stands Out

What makes the Xbox One unique is no longer required.
What makes the Xbox One unique is no longer required.

You may have heard the news a couple of days ago that you no longer have to buy the Xbox One with the Kinect. There will now be a completely separate bundle that will be sold for $399, a hundred dollars less than than the bundle being sold with Kinect. I really like the idea of spending a hundred dollars less than before. But now that it looks like the Kinect won't be nearly as important to the console as it was before, it's really just starting to look like a imitation of the Playstation 4.

It's always a good thing when competition inspires other companies to improve. Now that the Xbox One is the same price as the Playstation 4, I'm sure it will convince a few more people who were on the fence to go ahead and get the Xbox One. But I find it slightly disappointing when the inspiration only leads to the competition doing the exact same thing as it's competitor. They need to do more than simply match what Sony is doing.

One of the other announcements that Microsoft made is that Games with Gold is now going to be subscription-based just like Playstation Plus. You can now download multiple games with your Xbox Live Gold subscription. Only now you can't keep the games when your Xbox Live subscription expires like you could before. Game with Gold hasn't been all that great when you compared it to Playstation Plus before, but now it looks exactly like Playstation Plus. Letting you keep the games was a cool thing, even if they were older games.

The only reason left right now to choose the Xbox One over the PS4 would be the games. There really aren't a lot of exclusives on ether platform right now, and the PS4 has already sold a lot more than the Xbox One. I have a hard time beleiving that any of the exclusives announced for the Xbox One are going to boost sales all that much. Titanfall looked like the game to bring the Xbox One ahead of the PS4 for at least the month of March, and the PS4 was still the top selling console of the month. Even Halo doesn't appear to have as much steam as it used to.

I expect the removal of the Kinect and the price drop will absolutely help the Xbox One in the short term. But I have a hard time believing this is going to help as much as Microsoft wants it to. I hope I'm wrong. I also hope that Xbox One will find some way to stand out. If it doesn't I really don't see why you would choose the Xbox One. Maybe Microsoft will find some way to surprise us a E3, and announce something that help make the console a more compelling purchase. We can only hope.