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The Xbox 360 120GB hard drive may become replaced

The discussion on whether Microsoft will release a 250GB hard drive became more heated when it was reported that the 120GB hard drives were no longer in stock at several major retailer outlets. 

Rumors swirled over the scarcity of the larger capacity drives which retail for $149.99. A 250GB hard drive came with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game and console bundle. Though the company states that it will not release a 250GB hard drive anytime soon, those plans may change with the plethora of games coming out in the near future with Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasy XIII hitting stores in the first quarter this year. discovered a Gamestop ad offering buyers of the Xbox 360 Elite a $50 gift card. The proposed explanation: The release of a 250GB Xbox 360 Elite bundle.

Speaking to Xbox owners in Monterey County, opinions about the storage capacity of the 20GB hard drives standard on the first batch of consoles remains divided. 

Dan Lister switched from a 20GB to a 120GB a year ago. "60GB or higher should do the trick," he said. 

Other users who own the Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3 might not need the space.  "I have a media PC that is significantly better than the 360 for downloaded content and the PS3 is better for streaming from a computer," Cameron Fuller said, "The 20g works well for me."


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