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The wrongs of the wrongs of libertarianism

When non-libertarians attack libertarians they commonly cherry-pick the easiest targets and triumphantly smash them to smithereens.

Coercion of any kind negates choice, informed or otherwise. When just even a hint of coercion exists, there can never be true choice. – Quote from Coercion Not Choice,
Ira Gelb/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

One recent smithereen-smasher is Orlando Liberal Examiner Robert Sobel who presents five ways in which libertarians have it all wrong. Sobel's setup is that the politically identified likes of Ron Paul, Rand Paul and the Libertarian Party represent all libertarians.

Based on that, here are Sobel's five "wrongs" of Libertarianism:

1. No public schools

2. Eliminate Social Security and invest in the private sector

3. Unrealistic view on gun laws

4. Cut all welfare and social services

5. Completely eliminate the Federal Reserve

But that's "capital L" libertarianism, meaning Libertarianism as it plays currently in the realm of big government.

The growing swath of lower case "L" libertarians reject government for reasons made famous in the fable of the Camel's Nose in the Tent; as long as the tiniest tip of that humped desert-denizen's nostril is allowed into your tent the camel will eventually work its way entirely into your tent and push you outside into the cold.

The history of the United States has taught us this in no uncertain terms. The Constitution was the government camel's nose; today government has invaded virtually every aspect of our lives and it is we who are excluded from our own rights and freedoms and justly acquired wealth.

It's why true libertarians reject all of government, including its minimal nose.

The answer to every one of Sobel's libertarian "wrongs" is the Zero Aggression Principle, that no one has a right to initiate force, intimidation or fraud against another:

1. Release education from government coercion and true education will flourish through uncountable voluntary means.

2. Libertarians have no problem with any and all forms of voluntary social welfare programs.

3. All individuals have the indisputable, absolute, fundamental right to defend themselves from all forms of coercion and the most realistic means of doing so is with a gun.

4. Already answered in point 2.

5. The Fed is a political-bankster scam to continually tax everyone, including the unsuspecting Robert Sobel himself, by imposing the cruelest tax of all: purposeful, intentional, cynical, ruthless inflation. Without a stable money supply there can be no stable civilization.

At the end of his article sobel offers "More on the Libertarian Party and their views" by linking to articles about Sarah Palin, Ronald Reagan, Republican economics and the Tea Party, none of which are libertarian.

The bottom line is this: either a person has a commitment to freedom or not. Nourishing coercion is the "not."

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