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The Write Style

Caroline Baehner

Every morning at 8 eyes pop open, my computer flips on, and my kittens reluctantly drag me out of bed.
Some days I have a Tod's lookbook in my emails, or an odd-spelling fan city for my album, um where I have yet to go to but need to, or the usual high heel versus sneaker debate.
Basically that's just me. Most writers portrayed in films drink too much, wear turn of the century clothing, are on top of issues like you betta believe, and never get any.
Today's modern writer. I see you out in bars, at night, at sunset, at the local where-you-should-be wearing nobody's brand and saying all the write things....
And by day? We're the modern vampire.
Deadlines tend to spoil things. Writers by nature despise rules ( see syntax, spell check, font type), and it isn' t funny how many articles I've had delayed due to international nocturn hours.
Editors love/ hate us writers. In close proximity, very black tie. In great distance, very informal. Groovilicious is my favorite coined fashion editor notation...
But, I digress. What style did she have? Well, at Valentine's Day, probably blush. And now you can wear white all season long. And corduroys, at best, both with elbow pads and without, scream I write for a living.
I mean, really, corduroy? I own 5 pair, Anthropologie!
But still. Coffee mugs remain the mystery object in the sink. Blush is the new carnation, and still Orgasm by Nars is the best blush.
What to buy a writer for Valentine's Day.
Anything that writes, saves, sends, or keeps you up at night.

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