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The wreckage left behind, La Costa Concordia.

“If safeguards are not put in place, will this city suffer the same unknown fate of the Giglio island?”
“If safeguards are not put in place, will this city suffer the same unknown fate of the Giglio island?”

One of the leading newspapers in Italy, Il Corriere della Sera, has released an infrared video taken by the Italian Coast Guard. It shows how they painstaking search for survivors and how passengers were rescued. Although many may not understand the language, you will understand the video. This newspaper gives superb coverage of the events as they unfold.

The Italian Coast Guard, adamant to find the missing passengers used explosives and found five more passengers (four men and one woman) in an unobtainable area submerged underwater; Bringing the death toll to eleven and twenty-two unaccounted. The French, German, American, and Italian governments want answers for relatives inquiring about missing love ones.

The wreckage left behind is enormous. This mistaken maneuver has caused loss of life, destroyed families and damaged a reputable cruise liner company, including Captain Francesco Schettino, who risks fifteen years in prison.

Captain Schettino interrogated yesterday about the conversation he had with the Italian Coast Guard Commander Gregorio Maria De Falco, who insisted he return to the La Costa Concordia to help with the evacuation. “There are people trapped onboard. Go back onboard the ship, is that clear? I am recording this conversation Captain Schettino,” he told him in an urgent and firm voice. With more threating dialogue, Commander De Falco repeated and insisted that Captain Schettino return to the ship to help and tell him how many passengers were onboard. As we all know, he did not comply.

Captain Schettino under house arrest will be drug tested. He claims the night of the accident he had full mental capacity. “Do a drug test, I do not use drugs, nor did I drink alcohol,” attest Captain Schettino.

The Italian government has declared the island of Giglio and surrounding areas a state of emergency. The American residents of Lousiana, Alabama, and Florida can empathize. They know and are still experiencing the environmental and economic aftermath of the man-made disaster by British Petroleum.

In addition, many of these port cities livelihoods depend on revenue generated by cruise tourists. “It has pushed down an already sinking economy, and stunned the world,” these are some of the comments you hear in the Italian coffee bars as they sip their morning espressos and cappuccinos in Fiumicino, Italy.

The residents of Fiumicino a port city, which is home to Rome’s Airport, worry and question the construction of largest tourist marina in the southern Mediterranean Sea Porto della Concordia, to be completed in 2015. “If safeguards are not put in place, will this city suffer the same unknown fate of the Giglio island?”

Excellent sources on updated information can be found at the Italian newspapers La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, (written in English), and Benita Pagoria talking with local residents in her port city of Fiumicino, Italy.

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