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The Worst Way to Break Up With Someone: On Facebook

broken heart on facebook
broken heart on facebook

There are many bad ways to break up with someone. Text, phone calls, e-mails. No matter how you do it break ups are not easy. The worst way to break up with someone is over Facebook.

Some people will change their status's without the person knowing. Another bad way to break up with someone over Facebook is to block the other person and put single as your status. At least tell the person that you are breaking up with them.

Breaking up over Facebook after dating for a couple of weeks is wrong. At the beginning of a relationship is where couples are the happiest. Every couple has fights now and then but it is all about communication. Talking about your needs and wants and staying with that person because you love and care about each other. If you do not want to be with that person then just tell them.

Breaking up with someone over Facebook is mean and immature. It also shows that you have no backbone. Talk about your problems or tell the person face to face how you feel. There is no easy way to break up with someone but breaking up with someone over Facebook is the worst.