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The worst companies to work for in the United States in 2014

Books-A-Million is the worst company to work for according to 24/7-Wall St.
Books-A-Million is the worst company to work for according to 24/7-Wall St.

After employees have shared their opinions regarding their employers on the Internet, on Monday, 24/7 Wall St. has come up with yet another tell-all list that people are anxious to read. The latest is a list of the worst companies to work for in the United States. Naturally, those fortunate to have a job in these times hope not to find their employer on the list. As for the companies on the list, there are obviously reputation risks among the public and their shareholders.

In the analysis of businesses, 24/7 Wall St. analyzed literally thousands of reviews from which is a jobs and career website. From that analysis of the review, numbers were crunched. Ultimately, 11 companies were identified as having the worst or lowest ratings.

It was found that many of the companies listed on the worst companies to work for-list are retail businesses. The complaints from the respondents were largely related to low wages and the hours that employees need to work at these jobs. There were many complaints from people who work these jobs regarding commission sales. The persons were concerned about how incredibly difficult it is for them, as sales employees, to meet targets that qualify them to receive their commissions for their work.

Other employees had concerns about how their employer was handling its customers. For example, the Children’s Place’s employees don’t like the method the company has of pushing customers into sales. Jos. A. Bank, a clothier, has workers who don’t like that the firm changes product prices. Doing such makes it difficult for employees to make a sale, according to a Huffington Post report on the list.

The report says that many of the complaints by employees are given to middle management. Additionally, companies that have less-than-happy employees are often disapproving of their CEO. In fact, the CEOs at all but one of the 11 companies on the list received positive approval ratings from less than 50 percent of the employees working for these firms. Less than 30 percent of employees endorse the CEO at six of the companies listed.

The Worst Companies to Work For in the United States in 2014

  1. Books-A-Million
  2. Express Scripts
  3. Frontier Communications
  4. Jos. A. Bank
  5. Brookdale Senior Living
  6. Dillards
  7. ADT
  8. hhgreg
  9. Family Dollar
  10. The Children’s Place
  11. Radioshack

It is noted that some of the companies on the list have falling revenues. Some of the companies have weak earnings and a falling stock price. It is suggested that these factors can lower employee morale and cause employees to give negative responses to such inquiries.

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