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The worst case scenario in Connecticut

Armored federal vehicles are increasingly seen by citizens at crime scenes across the country.
Armored federal vehicles are increasingly seen by citizens at crime scenes across the country.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Suppose for a moment that as the confrontation in Connecticut between pro-gun citizens and anti-gun law enforcement and government comes to a head, the powers that be in the state decide to send in the National Guard to enforce the gun bans, impose Martial law, and/or call in the Feds to invade the state as a display of "shock and awe" force that would silence gun rights advocates?

Rumors to this effect have been quietly making their way around the gun rights and liberty movement.

It isn't that most gun rights advocates believe that this scenario will be implemented in Connecticut. In fact, such a scenario is highly unlikely. But it is not impossible, and it is not a scenario that is to be ignored.

In today's climate in America anything is possible. And thus, citizens who are aware and who are determined to protect and restore liberties that have been needlessly discarded must consider such unlikely possibilities.

Adequate preparation dictates that they be seriously considered.

Guerrilla America has provided an analysis of this and other possibilities as the conflict unfolds in Connecticut. The interesting factor that leaps off the page within the analysis, however, is that the Feds are more likely to invade other states over the gun issue than the state of Connecticut.

This may be due in part to the state's history in recent decades of discarding the historic philosophy behind the Second Amendment, opting instead for a skewed understanding that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms" actually means the right of the military alone. The Feds, thus, would not be likely to cause a ruckus in Connecticut since they have many allies there.

But the current conflict over gun rights has exposed the fact that Connecticut also has a large number of citizens who believe in the Second Amendment as the Framers originally intended it and are willing to engage in civil disobedience to prove it. The overwhelming majority of gun owners in the state have refused to register their assault weapons and high capacity magazines, which the state recently outlawed.

Connecticut Carry's letter to state officials, published today, indicates that gun owners in the state are adamant about their intent to disobey illegal laws and carry their case as far as necessary.

Still, Connecticut would be an unlikely target. A more likely victim of the federal government's jack boot to the throat would be a red state that appears vulnerable.

Back to the analysis of Guerrilla America.

According to researchers an analysis of the possibility of a Fed invasion of a state would include the following:

For the benefit of quasi-academic exercise, let’s assume that the absolute worst happens in Connecticut (CT): a federal invasion. (Although the likelihood is low right now, it could be a plausible scenario in another state for the government of tomorrow.) If I was tasked to analyze and wargame that scenario, my initial key assumptions would be:

a) nothing, surrounding states included, would be able to prevent it;

b) the invasion’s only acceptable outcome is total victory;

c) the invasion would be justified by a credible threat or action of violence; and

d) it would take the form of counterinsurgency (COIN) up front.

Expanding on Key Assumption D, we have two likely invasion models: Iraq and Afghanistan.

The analysis goes on to delve into the two invasion models represented by Iraq and Afghanistan, and if they hold any lessons for a Federal invasion of a state here at home.

At least two directives must be born in mind when considering the possibilities discussed above. First, do not underestimate the audacity and willingness to engage in tyranny on the part of the authoritarian types who populate the current administration. Second, do not underestimate the resolve of citizens who are willing to put the lives on the line for the cause of liberty.

(Hat tip to WRSA).


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