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The worlds top-selling consumer goods might surprise you, check the list

Which Ones Have You Bought?
Which Ones Have You Bought?

What’s the most frequently sold product in the world, recognized by 94% of the population, with a reach so huge that you can find it in basically every corner of the planet? It’s Coca-Cola, averaging 1.8 billion servings each day! That’s 2 out of 8 people in the world drinking the famous soda every day.

Chris Sibbet from has gathered information about this and other incredible sales figures for best-selling products around the world including the tech, entertainment and food industry; and turned them into one neat infographic here. From the infographic you’ll also see:

  • The number of Lays Chips sold in a year is heavier than an aircraft carrier
  • The number of Harry Potter books sold since 1997 is 90% of the total books sold in 2013
  • What is the best-selling (350 million) toy that comes from Hungary?

So which of these items have you bought for yourself? I can personally tell you that I have purchased all the items on the list at one point in time in my life. The first car I ever purchased in my early twenties was a Toyota Camry. Guess what, Toyota is the list! You might be asking yourself why does consumer spending matter? Well, for starters being financially independent, is the same as being free from starvation and worry.

Be sure to check out the following helpful financial tip which, I discovered via FDIC Consumer News here dated from 2006 which are still useful today.

  1. Practice self-control. To avoid making a quick decision to buy something just because you saw it featured on display or on sale.
  2. Research before you buy. To be sure you are getting a good value, especially with a big purchase.
  3. Keep track of your spending. This helps you set and stick to limits, what many people refer to as budgeting
  4. Think "used" instead of "new." Borrow things (from the library or friends) that you don't have to own.
  5. Take good care of what you buy. It's expensive to replace things.

Stay in the know, covers a wide range of financial topics, including investment, savings, productivity and frugal living.

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