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The World’s Oldest Vampire is Alive and Well on Amazon’s Bestseller Lists

He’s sexy. He’s Paleolithic. He’s bisexual, predatory, and has amazing powers. Want to get to know the World’s Oldest Living Vampire? Pick up one of Joseph Duncan's popular novels, and immerse yourself in the fascinating history of 30,000 year-old Gon.

The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All, first in The Oldest Living Vampire book series
Rod Redux

Joseph Duncan is a self-published best-selling e-book author. He sells thousands of books every month, and has been so successful with his The Oldest Living Vampire series that he was able to quit his job and write full time.

He is also quite modest. “I am not getting rich over here by any means,” he states. “The creative freedom being an indie author is great, but I struggle with visibility, trying to get myself out there so people are even aware that my stuff exists. I still consider myself a nobody because I only sell a couple thousand ebooks a month. When I’m famous like Anne Rice and Stephen King and Dean Koontz, and the Oldest Living Vampire is an ongoing series on HBO or Showtime like True Blood and Game of Thrones, then I will consider myself successful!”

Despite his reticence to recognize how much he has accomplished as a self-published author, Duncan has quite a bit to brag about. In the competitive literary world of glittery immortals and undead enchantresses, he has successfully created a unique vampire with an extensive historical background that has been embraced by multitudes of fans.

The Oldest Living Vampire series is the life story of supernatural Gon. At the beginning of the series, Gon is a simple Paleolithic hunter-gatherer who joins a war party to help a neighboring Neanderthal tribe that is being preyed upon by a blood-drinking monster. Gon is captured by the creature, and against his will he is turned into an indestructible immortal. As the series continues, Gon has love affairs, mourns his original family, and allies himself with a psychopathic serial killer who he hopes will help him to end his immortal existence. The story jumps back and forth between the past and present as Gon journeys across the world, seeking answers to his existence. As he makes this final journey to his birthplace in the Swabian Alps of Germany to end his existence, he entertains his new vampire protégé with an account of his early days as a vampire, the genesis of their parasitic race, and the war he waged against his own kind to protect mortal mankind from his vampire brethren.

Duncan enjoys world-building with controversial topics and exotic characters. As an independent author, he states “I can push the limits in ways that maybe a mainstream author would not be allowed to do. For instance, my character Gon is a 30,000 year old bisexual vampire who was a member of a group marriage when he was a mortal man. He had two wives and a co-husband. I’m sure a traditionally published author would have trouble getting that by his editor, even nowadays.

“I have always been fascinated by vampires, and by the idea of immortality, and yet vampires in our popular media are always portrayed as being these extremely fragile creatures…They are supposedly powerful, beautiful, otherworldly beings, yet… a single ray of sunlight makes them explode into flames. The idea behind The Oldest Living Vampire was to create a character who is a true immortal, a character that is so ancient as to be almost unbelievable, a creature so powerful that he cannot even destroy himself. The ancient vampires who populate my Oldest Living Vampire series are not just a hundred or two hundred years old, they are tens of thousands of years old. They are god-like beings, almost, and yet they have the souls of men and women, and they are haunted by their relentless movement through time, and all the loved ones they’ve been forced to leave behind.”

Duncan admits that he has far more ideas for books than he’ll probably ever have time to write in one lifetime. He is currently working on the fifth volume of the Oldest Living Vampire series, which will be the conclusion of the Prehistoric Cycle and will tie up all the loose threads from the four previous books (Apollonius and Nyal's Story are more side stories than a part of the main storyline). In addition, he is working on The Lair of the Luciferians, a follow-up to the Menace of Club Mephistopheles, a supernatural detective story set in the late 1920’s. As if that wasn’t enough, every week he publishes 5 new free chapters of his self-described serialized ‘strange’ zombie novel Cattle on his Red Ramblings blog.

Current available titles:


  • The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All
  • The Oldest Living Vampire on the Prowl
  • The Oldest Living Vampire In Love
  • Nyal's Story
  • Apollonius
  • The Oldest Living Vampire Betrayed

Other Novels:

  • Menace of Club Mephistopheles
  • Mort
  • Hole: A Ghost Story
  • Indian Summer
  • House of Dead Trees
  • Frankenstonia

Duncan loves interacting with people, and is an active member of the Facebook community. Find him on Facebook here, and follow his blog here.


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