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The World's Most Terrifying Plastic Surgery Disasters Revealed

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein, dubbed “Cat Woman” by the press due to her feline appearance from extensive plastic surgeries. After her husband began an affair with a Russian fashion model, Jocelyn began undergoing a series of plastic surgeries, spending a reported $4,000,000 over the years. Yikes!

2. One of the most famous cases of plastic surgery gone wrong, 48 year-old woman Hang Mioku from South Korea, became so addicted to plastic surgery that she was left unrecognisable after her obsession led her to inject cooking oil into her face. She had her first plastic surgery procedure when she was 28. Following operation after operation, her face was eventually left enlarged and disfigured, and the surgeons she visited refused to carry out any more work on her and one suggested that her obsession could be a sign of a psychological disorder.

3. Dennis Avner has undergone extensive tattooing and cosmetic surgery so that he could look like a tiger. He even had his teeth filed and shaped to resemble one. RAR!

4. A Russian woman desperate to look like Jessica Rabbit has the world’s biggest lips after having more than 100 silicone injections. Kristina Rei, 23, thought her thin lips were ugly so she opted to have them plumped up in the style of her favorite cartoon character. In a 2011 interview with The Sun, Kristina vowed to continue with the bizarre plastic surgery. “I want to go more extreme,” she said. “I am addicted to it. I love it.”

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