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The world’s most recognizable flags

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Flags are used as icons of places and nations. Therefore, most flags are designed around a certain idea or image that is somehow associated with the land being represented. This is especially true of national flags. The flag of each and every country in the world contain elements of symbolism and, many times, these symbols occur in the form of colors. There are dozens of flags in the world but some are particularly eye catching and memorable.

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Certain flags stand out either due to their unusual color schemes or designs. For instance, the flag of the United States of America is easily recognizable due to it complimentary red, white and blue colors. Additionally, the American flag is patterned with red and white strips, a blue square in the upper left hand corner and fifty white stars embedded onto the blue that represent the 50 states. The stylistic and symbolic nature of the US flags makes it memorable and recognizable even to people who have never visited America. Likewise, the South Korean flag is notable for its beautiful ying-yang styled red and white circle situated on top of a white background and surrounded by black lined accents. The Japanese flag is immediately noticeable due to its simplicity: a red circle on top of a white background. The Brazilian flag is noted as being both interestingly colored (blue, yellow and green) and drawn in a complex design. Greece and Great Britain are also very recognizable for their unique use of lines—stripes and a cross in the case of the Greek flag and a red and white outlined X in the case of Great Britain.

Included here is a slideshow of five of the most immediately recognizable flags in the world.