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The world’s most haunted island soon to be most haunted luxury resort?

Poveglia Island, widely believed to be one of the most haunted and evil places on Earth, may be turned into a luxury hotel. Did these people not see ‘The Shining’? The island has a sordid history dating all the way back to the Ancient Romans who quarantined the ill on the island. 1379 the Italian government evacuated the islands inhabitants so they could build a permanent military fort called “The Octagon” which is still visible on the island today.

abandoned beds at Poveglia mental hospital

Later in the 1700s the island was used as a dumping ground for as many as 160,000 people infected with the bubonic plague. As the paranoia in Europe rose, people who weren’t infected but thought to be were also hauled away to Poveglia and were left on the island to die amongst the piles of dead bodies and then dumped into mass graves or burned leaving the soil of the island more human remains than actual soil. In the 1920s the island’s facilities were converted into a psychiatric hospital that was run by a malicious doctor that spent his days taking patients into the bell tower to conduct brutal experiments, including sensory deprivation and lobotomies using tools such as hammers and hand drills. The doctor eventually threw himself off of the iconic hospital bell tower and fell to his death, though local legend says a mist rose from the ground of the island and strangled him until he died. It’s rumored that his body is still bricked inside the tower. From the time it opened through its years of operation, patients of the hospital reported hearing and seeing apparitions of the tortured deceased.

People who have tried to visit the island have all returned refusing to comment on what happened but all swearing they’d never return and you’d be hard pressed to find a local to float you out to the island. One family is reported to have fled the island after their 14-year-old daughter’s face was ripped open by ‘something’ and required 14 stitches. Weird rumors and stories accompanied by the staggering body count doesn’t exactly scream ‘luxury resort’ to us.

Tell us what you think, would you stay on Poveglia Island?

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