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The World's Most Expensive : featuring Qatar Royal Soap

Qatar Royal Soap is known around the globe as the world's most expensive soap. Made with pure olive oil, gold dust, virgin honey and embedded with diamonds, this decadent soap contains all natural and organic ingredients. It weighs about 100 grams and retails for 3800.00 dollars. The word "Qatar" is engraved on the soap in Arabic.

This exclusive soap is not available to the public and will never be produced. The creator Dr. Bader Hassoun stated that only one piece of soap was made to showcase their capabilities for inventions in soap making. It was presented by Khan-Al Saboun Bader Hassoun Sons at the Qatar Pool and Spa during the Doha Exhibitions Center in 2013. The soap was designed to embody all things royal and created to showcase in Doha. The Qatar Royal Soap was dedicated to Qatar and its many accomplishments in a variety of fields. It won the bid to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

The founders of Qatar Royal Soap crafted the luxurious product to pay respect to royalty. The actual soap not only smells amazing but is also great for the skin. Loaded with all organic and natural elements, it nourishes the skin leaving it silky smooth and the diamonds are an exfoliating agent as well as a beautiful addition to the actual product. This allows for the "royal soap" to be extremely pricy and unavailable.

The 3800.00 dollar price tag is justified by the purity of the componets that make up the soaps consistancy. The genuine diamonds are added for decor and also to symbolize wealth.

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