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The world's most expensive cruises

Certain cruise lines feature extraordinarily high prices
Certain cruise lines feature extraordinarily high prices
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While many people struggle through tough economic times, many others are so financially well-off that they would most likely not even consider spending the mere $4,500 that it costs for an average cruise. Below are some of the most outrageously expensive cruises in the world and details of just what passengers can expect when money is no object.

The Crystal Serenity

This cruise is unusual due to the fact that it passes over the traditional ports of call in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and heads straight to the African continent. It offers a thorough itinerary, covering most of the developed countries of the world in a little over 100 days. It is a terrific way to see these parts of the world for those who have more money than they could ever hope to spend. On board, one will find every amenity imaginable, as well as a staff that is at hand 24 hours a day to cater to every whim.

The Crystal Serenity departs from Miami, Florida and from there heads directly south to stop at the various ports on South America's east coast, such as Uruguay and Brazil. After these stops, the ship quickly makes its way to across the Pacific ocean and eventually docks in Africa's southern tip. After this port of call, the ship turns northward to begin the long trek home. There are stops at many ports along the way, including overnight stays in locations such as Spain, Greece, Dubai and India. These can be exciting and mysterious places to visit and explore, but for those wondering how much the wealthy are willing to pay for such a cruise, the answer is $58,000 per boarding pass.

Yamal- The Nuclear Icebreaker

Russian cruises have always been a favorite of those who enjoy a unique and nontraditional vacation. The Nuclear Icebreaker Yamal certainly falls into this category and has a history of selling out six to ten months in advance. The voyage offered on this vessel lasts for sixteen days, and a standard state room can cost anywhere from $24,000 to $35,000, while the bridge deck suites feature a $51,990 price tag. The lucky few for whom such rates are affordable will find that the ship boasts a Zodiac landing craft and two helicopters, and the staggering price of a ticket includes multiple excursions on these crafts. There are also saunas, heated pools, a volleyball court and a library on board. The cruise departs from Murmansk, Russia and passes volcanic mountains, glaciers, and a multitude of spectacular sights along the way. Those with money to burn can not go wrong with such a voyage.

The Absinthe

This details of this seven-night Alaskan cruise will catch the eye of anyone who is interested in taking a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. The cruise ship itself is an expedition yacht owned by a company that is appropriately named the "Alaska Unusual," and it undoubtedly has the ability to change a person's ideas with regard to sightseeing. This insanely expensive cruise accommodates only twelve passengers at a time. However, it carries a crew of twenty-two men and women so that each passenger has personalized service around the clock. One may glimpse dolphins, as well as orca or humpback whales as the ship passes through the Frederick Sound. A generous size fishing boat is towed behind the cruise ship for guests to use for more intimate expeditions. In addition, a helicopter is kept on board and is available to passengers who wish to sight-see from the sky. Most people would assume that the cost of this cruise-–a mere $335,000 per ticket–would reflect an all inclusive price. However, guests of the Absinthe are responsible for their own gratuities.