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The world's first hackathon for testers: Testathon

hackathon for testers
hackathon for testers

Hackathons have gotten big in the tech world. They're viewed as a fun way to build something in just a few days, meet passionate people from your community, and get some free food and swag. A new type of event is just around the corner: Testathon, a hackathon for testers. Building a new app is great, but building an app that works is even better. Testers may not get the shiny "founder" title, but they are essential to the startup process. This Saturday January 25th in London, it's their time to shine, with the Testathon organized by Global App Testing, from 10:30am to 7pm.

The goal? Build a strong community of quality testers and bring some fun to the task. “Quite a few members of our tester community have told us they don’t get invited to hackathons, despite it being such an important part of the developer community”, said Owais Peer, co-founder of Global App Testing.

“We’ll have 50 testers all competing to find bugs in some great tech apps”, added Owais. The best of them will be awarded prizes. Some of the categories include “Funniest typo” and “Most hacker way to find a bug”.

Three apps have agreed to be put to the test: SongKick, Zeebox and King’s new game Farm Heroes Saga.

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