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The world’s first ever Ice Cream Cleanse

Photo credit: Gizmodo
Photo credit: Gizmodo
Photo credit: Gizmodo

When one wants to lose weight or lead a healthy lifestyle, the individual usually turns to the temporary method of “cleanses”: cleanses come in various ingredients and quantities, which include popular forms such as the Master Cleanse, the Juju Cleanse and BluePrint Cleanse. While there is no solid scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of these cleanses, now people can also turn to the all-new Ice Cream Cleanse.

Created by Kippy’s in Venice California, the ice cream is completely raw, organic and coconut-based. 1,000 mature and organic coconuts are brought to Kippy’s factory from Mexico each week, where each one is thoroughly tasted and tested to avoid fermentation. These coconuts are then cold-pressed into a rich coconut cream, which forms the basis of the special ice cream.

The Ice Cream Cleanse typically lasts for four days, which includes five meals a day and one pint of ice cream per meal. While eating ice cream all day long may be a dream come true for some people, it can become bland and agonising due to the repetitive process. Thankfully Kippy’s thought of this problem by introducing a range of flavours, such as dark chocolate with himalayan fire salt, superfood ice cream, master cleanse, orange creme and coconut yogurt. Certain natural flavours are chosen for health reasons - for example, the Himalayan Fire Salt is high in antioxidants and can help to boost metabolism, whereas the Cayenne pepper is a great way to detox and burn fat in a rapid rate.

Due to the appealing factor of eating ice cream for health reasons, the Ice Cream Cleanse might become a big hype in a short period of time. Due to the wide range of flavours, this makes the cleansing process less painful compared to other popular cleanses, such as the Master Cleanse where the individual can only drink 12 glasses of lemon, cayenne pepper and honey a day for a continuous pattern of 10 days.