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The World's Best Place to Learn How to Surf

Maui Wave Riders
Maui Wave Riders
Maui Wave Riders

What do Steve Carrell, Duke Kahanamoku (the founder of surfing) and Gerard Butler have in common? Maui Wave Riders, considerably the best place in the world to learn how to surf.

The Hawaiian Islands sit smack dab in the Pacific Ocean's electric blue waters which often boosts best waves in the world and it is no wonder, Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing and continues to be a surfing mecca for adventure buffs around the world.

In every direction, the currents of the Pacific Ocean are pumping up luscious waves. If you are new to Hawaii or coming for a visit the best place to get your feet wet into this sensational sport is Maui Wave Riders. In south Maui, across from Kalama Park, this place will rock your world. The instructors will help you ride your way into a blissed-out monumental moment.

Don't take our word for it, just ask Steve Carrell, who was recently trying his own surfing chops out on April 18, 2014 with the Maui Wave Riders Crew.

The owner Tommy, takes precious pride in this squeaky clean operation. Top notch instructors carefully glide you out into the waves, with an acute attention to detail. The enthusiasm for the sea is infectious. Each chiseled instructor will have you feeling like a professional surfer in no time.

In fact what makes celebrities, locals and tourist attracted to this hot spot is the world class instructors. One instructor Ina, originally from Samoa, moved to Maui in 2004. His love for the sport helped him graciously train Gerard Butler to surf for his epic role in the movie Mavericks.

Another instructor Alden will passionately push you into multiple waves. You will stand up in no time and feel like you've been surfing for decades. Alden prides himself on keeping the Hawaiian culture alive. His greatest joy is helping others realize their surfing potential by sharing his great uncle Duke Kahanamoku's (the founder of surfing) gift with the world.

Joe, the sun-kissed valet surfer stud will remind you that the hardest part of surfing is in your head. "Surfing is about letting go and just getting out there and showing up." Much like life, the hardest part is just getting out there and showing up fully. Once you take that leap you can enjoy the ride.

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