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The world responds to Colonel Meow's death

Since finding out about Colonel Meow's death on Jan. 30, 2014, there's been an outpouring of love, condolences, and even some memories. There is a YouTube video that's a montage of Colonel Meow, set to slow, sad music. It ends with, "Your minions will never forget," and then his dates of birth and death. The video appears on Colonel Meow's Facebook page with a comment that says, "This was done lovely. #RIPColonel."

Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat are among all those around the world mourning the Jan. 29 death of Colonel Meow.
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

Grumpy Cat posted on her Facebook page, "Rest in peace, Colonel Meow. A grumpy day indeed," on the top of a picture of her and Colonel Meow together. "Mashable" also got a quote from her, which said, "It may be the grumpiest day ever. Grumpy and Colonel made a special connection at the Friskies holiday event and it feels like she lost a partner in crime. Long live Colonel Meow."

The Oatmeal, a humorous online comic site, posted a cartoon drawing of the severe cat on his Facebook page, with a comment reading, "Rest in peace, Colonel. May you dominate the heavens as you dominated the earth." That drawing is now Colonel Meow's profile picture.

Lil' Bub, famous for her adorable face and tongue that's always sticking out, said,

Dear Colonel,
You are without question the most remarkable, impressive, and regal living creature I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Despite your intimidating facade, you were an incredibly kind and loving feline that brought millions of humans great joy. Your legacy will never be forgotten Colonel, and we will miss you dearly. See you in space my dear friend.


Buzzfeed posted a beautiful and humorous tribute to Colonel Meow. Author (and likely minion) Chelsea Marshall of Buzzfeed's staff put together a list of photos detailing Colonel Meow's life and plans for world domination. In fact, Buzzfeed was so enamored of Colonel Meow that they named him their new CEO back in April 2013.

Colonel Meow has gained 20,000 new likes in the last 24 hours on Facebook. There are hundreds of posts there from fans expressing their condolences. One such poster talked about meeting a total stranger in the lobby of his vet's office. This woman was also a fan of Colonel Meow, and he says that's evidence of how the whole world is mourning his death alongside Anne Marie Avey, the Colonel's "fur-mom."

There is still no update as to what happened, and there may not be for several days. Colonel Meow's family is mourning right now. Not to mention that, if they took him in to find out what happened, those test results can take awhile to come back.

One thing is for certain, Colonel Meow will not be forgotten.

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