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The world of fragrances explored

9 IX Rocawear
9 IX Rocawear

Commonly enjoyed is the aroma of coffee. Uncommonly known is the use of coffee beans to clear the pallet at a fragrance counter. Going to a department store or Fragrance counter can be overwhelming, but if you’re “in the know”, finding a fragrance to fit your needs is a snap.

For youth the selections seem to have a more over the top style when it comes to the bottle. For example there is one for young women that appear to be dolls. This brand has a variety to choose from with one smelling similar to vanilla. Others however have a simpler style such as Mariah Carey’s that has a butterfly for a cap. The one that appears to be a popular seller is the line by Juicy Couture. The three out currently are the Juicy Couture, Viva Juicy, Couture Couture. The big testers give a sense of royalty whether it is the royal dogs in silver or the royal crest in gold. The smaller size or as some of the consultants put it “purse size” are of way better décor when it comes to the unique bottle. One from Juicy Couture is metal with cute writing and to spritz you need to flip the top that has a cute strawberry charm dangling from it.

For women of a more mature age there is the classic Diamond. However there still seems to be a strong request for Juicy Couture. The fragrances for Juicy Couture are sweet and lingering. They have the essence of floral delight with a slight hint in vanilla in the Viva La Juicy. At some stores they have gift sets with samples of all three if you can’t decide. One new to the market is by Kim Kardashian. The bottle has a clean and sleek edge with her double K’s flipped to create the logo with an Asian flare. The fragrance is unique and nice with a real appeal; Exclusively at Sephora for now.

Men’s cologne has a stronger edge less on appearance and more on the smell and density of masculinity. The classics are clearly the Polo’s and Curves. The “in” for men or best sellers are the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue and the Aqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani. Aqua Di Gio has a lighter and sweeter smell when you compare the two. Light Blue has a deeper musk fragrance.

Others that are a must to be motioned for their unique display or name go as follows Poison by Dior, Lola and Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and 9 IX Rocawear by Jay-Z. First Poison for just the name so shocking, but at same time dares you to smell it. The fragrance is sweet with floral overtones. The Marc Jacobs collections of Lola and Daisy not only have bottles for fragrance, but rings. Yes, rings that have perfume solids that just twist the flower power tops and find the solid perfume inside. The Daisy is obvious in that is smells similar to it name. Lola has a floral overtone similar to rose. As for the Rocawear the casing is different from the common bottle in that it looks like a mini chrome locker. It has a strong essence of musk and other manly flavors.

All in all the fragrance industry can be an overwhelming trying to choose which one is best for that perfect someone or for yourself, but knowing what’s “in” and determining age group can help. Remember to that everybody’s body chemistry is different and that will affect the fragrance. Don’t forget to take a whiff of coffee beans to clear your pallet after so many selections. Before purchasing take a test sample with you or try it on your wrist and allow it to mix with your body chemistry to make sure you still like it as much as when you took your first whiff. Most importantly remember to have fun there is a whole world of fragrance to explore.