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The world is at your doorstep with iNum

What is iNum?

iNum or international Number is a new kind of global phone number service. The objective of this number is to diminish the boundaries existing among nations, thus making it a “cyberspace world” and a “global village” in a true sense. iNum does not depends on location, and therefore, leads to the generation of a new world altogether, where one can establish a unified presence anywhere, and where strategic relations among different countries is strengthened.

One world, One number

iNum is a free service that extends the facility of globally accessible phone numbers to a community of service providers who embrace Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), SMS, High Definiton Voice Quality and Video Conferencing.

International Telecommunication Union has generated a “+883” non-geographic global country code, and iNum provides phone numbers to the users with this code. “+833” is a globally accessible dial code for IP communications. This code helps in eradicating the need of a new number when one moves to a different country or city. iNum allows you to maintain a single number throughout the world and eliminates the anxiety arising out of high roaming call rates.

Service Providers who lend iNum numbers

iNum number can be obtained from various service providers such as, VoIP Buster,, Geonet Ltd., Kiwak, MiswestSIP, QXIP, SkySip Tel, and more. Moreover, if you already have a SIP number, you just need to ask your service provider to replace the first few digits of your number with “+833” in order to have an iNum number.

What is the cost of an iNum number and service?

iNum number is free of cost. If you already have a SIP number, you can switch over to iNum service without paying any initial charges. However, if you do not have a SIP phone number, you can go for this worldwide service at charges which may vary from one service provider to the other.

Besides this, calls made within the iNum community are absolutely free. In coming years, more service providers will become a part of this community and the horizon of free calling will gradually increase. However, calls made out of this community are charged as per the plans of the companies.

One might think that how this service allows its vendors to earn profit. The revenue which is generated from calls made out of the iNum community is the actual source of profit for the vendors.

Benefits of iNum

iNum has a number of benefits for every segment of society. Following are some of the benefits associated with this service:

  • Benefits for people in general

iNum services is very advantageous for the entire global community. This service helps one to save money that is spent while communicating from a different state or country. Besides this, iNum is full of sophisticated features and thus gives a very docile communication environment to those who opt for this service.

  • Benefits for the service providers who are planning to become a part of iNum community

iNum is a unique service that is capable of connecting the domains which were previously not connected. This service establishes connections between individual networks such as PSTNs, social networking platforms, IP telephony networks, and more.

Bridging of so many networks and domains with the service means consumption of more minutes. Increase in minutes generates more profit.

iNum has many advanced features such as voice and video conferencing, high-definition voice quality, SMS, and more. These features are definitely alluring and thus, many clients, nowadays, are going for this service. At the end, the flooding of clients means more revenue generation for the service providers.

  • Benefits for mobile and fixed operators

iNum provides accessibility and connectivity to such networks of mobile and fixed operators which were previously not reachable. This strengthens the operators and casts them as a pioneer in the field of communication.

  • Benefits for the Internet Telephony Service Providers

iNum allows the establishment of connection between an ITSP and a PSTN, and also among different ITSPs. This increases the overall niche of connectivity, thus bringing in more and more clients to the ITSPs.

Besides this, highly sophisticated features of this service help in pulling more clients to the ITSPs.

  • Benefits for Hosting service providers

iNum service helps the Hosting providers by connecting the remote domains to their Hosting platforms. This increases the accessibility of remote domains.

If you frequently travel to different countries, or you are willing to reside in some other state and do not want to part away with your existing number, iNum is the solution for you. With this service, you attain freedom to connect with previously unconnected domains. This enables you to increase your sphere of communication. Besides this, iNum helps in saving money that is unnecessarily spent as roaming charges, thus acting as a profit generator.

With so many features and advantages in its kitty, iNum service is a must try for one and all.

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