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The World Has Simply Gone Mad

The World Has Simply Gone Mad
The World Has Simply Gone Mad
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Let us start here in these United States. We have a President who really should not be in office. In this world of the 21st century we need a president who has some knowledge of world affairs. Barack Obama was elected and in his first term he had only been on the national stage for two years. He had no real knowledge that would have made him a great a president. Our congress is about the worst we have ever had in the history of this country. They took off some two hundred days last year and when you look at the fact that there are only 365 days in a year they had a lot if vacation time. In addition they passed the fewest bills in the history of congress and what's worse they wanted to pass themselves a raise. All this was done because we have a black president and they wanted to make him look bad when in reality they simply suck at their jobs.

Let us move on to say the Ukraine. Why would anyone want to fight over Eastern Ukraine. There really is not much there to be fighting over. Oh these rebels say they wanted more autonomy over their little spot on the planet. They were upset because Kiev was leaning toward the West rather than Russia, yet the only reason they thought this way was because Putin put the idea into their heads. Putin wanted the Crimea because of the oil in the Black Sea and he got it. So give it to him. He will be dead and gone before Russia gets one drop of oil out of the area. He is now in such a pickle that some if his countrymen will go without food this winter. Just another idiot who is in charge of a country.

Let us head to the Middle East and all the fun they are having there. We have a group called ISIS who are terrifying even their fellow terrorists. This group is in every state of the Middle East and if you don't agree with what they are selling they will destroy you. It does not matter who or what you are they hate everyone. Israel and Hamas, well what can we say here. They simply hate each other and are still fighting after all these years.

If you head to Africa then you have Boko Haram and their adventures in Nigeria. Same type of Islamic mentality as ISIS. They hate all who are not them. Enough said about Africa.

In Asia they just keep having to deal with an idiot in North Korea. His father was nuts and the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Heading to South America you have drugs, drugs, and more drugs. Simply put they are poor and they are high.

The bottom line is that for most of the world the arguments are the same ones that have been going on for centuries. They are the same stupid petty disagreements that have been disputed over and over. The time has come for everyone to just try and get along. We are all human beings and we have the same rights that everyone should have while alive on this planet. If the idea is to just kill everyone off then why don't we just set a date and nuke the planet. Otherwise it is time to stop whining and learn to live together. We are the world so let's learn to enjoy it.