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The World Does Not Need This Stress

The World Does Not Need This Stress
The World Does Not Need This Stress

President Vladimir Putin has lost his mind. The idea of attempting to invade another country is not one of the smartest things he has ever done. He went to the Russian Parliament and received permission to invade the Ukraine in an attempt to take over the Crimean area. The chance that he does invade has already set the armed forces of the Ukraine who are now on "Hi Alert".

The U.N. Security Council is meeting right now as we speak. The main topic is the Russian armed forces being on the border in such high numbers with the Ukraine. At this point it is being said that some 150,000 Russian troops are on maneuvers in the area.

European Union members have been silent so far in this matter, which at this time makes everyone very uncomfortable. The lack of response makes one think that no one in the Union wants to speak up due to the fact that no one really wants to stand up to the Russians.

The United States response has been nothing more than talk. President Obama has merely said that this will cost the Russians if they were to invade. Now does this mean sanctions against the Russians. Like that is going to do much good.

If all that comes out of this is sanctions against the Russians then Putin will invade and take over the Crimea. He will also be laughing and doing a dance as if he got away with murder. Putin is sticking his bony little chest out and saying take me on. Now does anyone have the guts to stop this attempt to go back to the cold war era.

Putin has been going through a mid life crisis ever since he broke up with his old lady. He is looking for a fight to see if he is still a man. Problem is Obama isn't man enough and neither is Chancellor Merkel of Germany. Putin is taking a big chance at all this and I hope it is worth it. All he has really done is shake up the status quo but the problem is that most countries don't need this extra stress. The economy of most countries is not the best it can be at this time.

This is only going to come to a tragic ending and if calmer heads can't prevail then somebody is going to have to blink and the world will have to wait and watch to see who goes first.