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The Work of Stephanie Visser, Featured at bG Gallery Saturday, May 24th!

bG Gallery hosts a group show titled “Three-Winged Chrysalis” to celebrate its new gallery at Bergamot Station. The exhibit opens this Saturday, May 24th and brings together artists exploring worlds in flux, depicting subjects caught between two states. Shifting perspectives tilt familiar landscapes, ordinary objects appear in unexpected places and routine rites of passage are turned into peculiar rituals. Presented with imagery of unresolved transformation, the viewer must anticipate what the final form will be, offering their own unconscious an opportunity to fill in the blanks.

Stephanie Visser, water color on paper, plein air in Kauai…inspired by the water, the light, the color and the surroundings.
Stephanie Visser
Mirage Potentiality by Airom

See image: water color on paper, plein air in Kauai by Stephanie Visser.

Artist Stephanie Visser has been undergoing her own transformation which has been inspiring new works for the artist. She is excited to be part of the exhibit this Saturday. Visser has been painting since she was a child and reveals that her art continues to change with everyday events of her life. “It’s impossible for it not too, says Visser. "I think that one of the remarkable things about being creative is that I can work through things in the process of painting." Visser reacts to her surroundings around her, hence her art is continuously growing and changing.

She continues, “Emotion is deeply ingrained in my work…but its purpose is not exclusively about me. It's about involving the person viewing the work in an emotional way…sharing the experience, making it a moment that someone else can respond to viscerally, and recognize from the context of their emotional spaces no matter the meaning.” To learn more about the artist see her website at

Another featured artist…Airom has been creating art since he was quite small. He started painting when he was 15 years old. He adds, “I’ve been making art ever since I could hold a pen.”

Airom will be showing a piece called "Mirage Potentiality," where a speculative landscape metamorphosis into a sky-scape. He talks about his inspiration…”They all start with playing with paint or playing with sketching out ideas for this one the idea that started to form was the many potentials of the future that like a mirage shifts and gets more distant the closer you get to it. It all stems from the mother child interaction in the right corner of the work.”

Working in several mediums, oil and ink are his favorites. “I like the ability of oil paint to capture a moment and remain in that state. Its the best record of a spontaneous psychological state.” The artist also works in installation, sound works and sculptural elements as well. Find out more about Airom's work at

“Three-Winged Chrysalis” opens this Saturday, May 24, from 6:30pm-10pm and runs through June 16. bG Gallery is located at Bergamot Station, (G8A) 2525 Michigan Ave SM, 90404. (310) 906 4211;

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