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The words Juan Pablo Galavis whispered to Clare on 'The Bachelor' are...

Juan Pablo and NIkki responded to criticism on Instagram and Twitter.
Juan Pablo and NIkki responded to criticism on Instagram and Twitter.
Juan Pablo Galavis/Instagram

Clare was offended and disgusted with what Juan Pablo Galavis whispered in her ear in the helicopter amid their last date on “The Bachelor.” Although, obviously not offended enough to walk away at that moment, because the worst “Bachelor” ever convinced her to stay, and then subsequently chose Nikki Ferrell. Clare wouldn’t repeat what JPG said when Chris Harrison questioned her on “After the Final Rose,” but on Tuesday a source told Us Weekly the words that broke Clare Crawley’s heart.

Galavis supporters defended Juan Pablo’s decision to only give Nikki a rose and not a proposal, stating that if he’s not ready, why ask for her hand in marriage: a fact that Galavis reiterated on “After the Final Rose” and on Instagram. However, this is “The Bachelor,” a show that ends with a proposal, not the “Dating Game,” where singles look to hook up. And that is exactly what Juan Pablo has been accused of from the producers of the reality TV show, former contestants, critics and the bachelorettes who suffered with his arrogant behavior.

Surprisingly though, it seems Clare did hook up with Juan Pablo, evident through the words he uttered in her ear at that fateful moment as reported by Us Weekly.

I love f---ing you, but I don’t know you.

Ouch! So many things to say. For starters, why in the world did you sleep with him Clare?

If Nikki is truly happy with this POS, then good for her and best wishes, but after six months, Juan Pablo should be able to say, “I love you,” even without a proposal. If he didn’t, why should Ferrell have her time wasted; move on to someone who has no qualms about screaming “I love you Nikki” to the world, because he cannot be that good in bed with that arrogant attitude. And if the report is true, how does Nikki feel about Juan Pablo possibly double-dipping? One thing is for sure: the most boring season of "The Bachelor" has definitely kept the gossip afloat after the finale.

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