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The word's out about Rubio's new promo for National Chip and Dip Day Friday

Devon and Skye are ready to celebrate National Chip and Dip Day at Rubio's with guacamole and chips
Devon and Skye are ready to celebrate National Chip and Dip Day at Rubio's with guacamole and chips
Edward Simon

The buzz on the street is out about Rubio's special promo for National Chip and Dip Day, tomorrow, Friday, March 21. With the official day on Sunday, March 23, Rubio's is giving everyone an early start on the celebration by starting the fun on Friday. At the Shops at Mission Viejo, several people talked about how thrilled they were about the holiday and Rubio's special promo, a $1.00 order of guacamole and chips. Joanna, while dining on her lunch in the food court said, “It's really exciting! It's great to have something on the side to munch when you're eating with your friends. It should be fun!” As part of Rubio's special tribute to one of the Kings of Snacks, Rubio's will be offering all of their guests an order of Guacamole and Chips on Friday for only $1.00. “I didn't know about the promotion” Joanna continued, “but I'll definitely be coming for my chips and guacamole tomorrow”.

Rubio's is celebrating National Chip and Dip Day with $1.00 orders of Guacamole and Chips Friday
Edward Simon

More excited people at the mall were happy about the upcoming holiday. “Every day should be National Chip and Dip Day”, Sherri said while waiting for her lunch from the Rubio's in the Shops at Mission Viejo. “My friends consider me a chip and dip expert because I make a bean dip that everybody loves that we use to dip chips in”. She concluded, “I'll try to find a Rubio's near me tomorrow. Thanks for telling me!”. Rubio's chips of course, go well with other dishes such as pinto beans and fresh salsa.

Devon and Skye, waiting for their order to be finished, were excited about tomorrow. When asked if he is considered a 'Chip and Dip Expert', Devon said “Chips and guacamole, chips and salsa, chips and sour cream, you name it. Anytime I can get it!”. When he was told about the special Rubio's National Chips and Dip Day promo, he said “Oh yeah! That's a great deal!”.

Vero, the manager at the Rubio's in the food court at the Shops in Mission Viejo, is looking forward to tomorrow. “I'm excited about it, very excited. I'm going to go to Rubio's tomorrow and get my own chips and guacamole”. When Vero was asked how she thought the activity would be at the Rubio's that she manages, she said, “We expect a lot of college kids here because they don't have a lot of money to spend so they'll love the chips and guacamole for a dollar”.

Of course, the chips and guacamole will also make a good starter for several of Rubio's tasty menu items such as the Mango Habanero Mahi Mahi fish taco. Rubio's, with their emphasis on sustainable seafood and healthy meals, prides itself on it's handmade guacamole, while the tortilla chips are made from non-GMO corn. The National Chip and Day promo will be all day on Friday, March 21. It's a great way to spend time enjoying another delicious holiday at Rubio's!

National Chip and Dip Day

March 21

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