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The word on the street

Sometimes it's just not worth it!
Sometimes it's just not worth it!

So the word on the street, according to the February issue of In Style, is that women are willing to bear the pain of uncomfortable high heels for the sake of looking good.

In this months' issue 2000 readers were polled and asked "Your legs look killer sexy in your highest heels, but they trash your feet. You....."

Would you believe that 74% of women answered that they would "Wear them for a short period of time and only for the most important events." While 16% responded that they would "Get their hands on some aspirin and go for it-fashion always comes first" and only 10% said they would "Skip 'em because no amount of va-va-va-voom can pay podiatry bills"

I find it interesting that only 16% of women would wear them regardless of the pain they invoke....I honestly thought it would be more! Although, for me, I would fall into the largest category of "only wearing them for a short period of time".... Everyone has shoes that absolutely kill their feet but they wear them anyways, just because they're so cute or make you feel great. Or even because you paid a ton of money for them and you feel the need to wear them as much as you can. (watch the Friends Episode called"The one with Monica's Boots and you'll know what I mean!)

In this type of economy, perhaps the time is over where we could go out and frivolously buy shoes even if they're uncomfortable, are too small, pinch our toes...or whatever the case may be! If you're going out to buy a new pair of shoes, make sure you can sit and stand in them, and perhaps even wear them for more than an hour!