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The wonderful world of Islamic religions

If there was ever a reason to criticize religion in general, it comes with the continuing strife in Iraq along with the increasingly elevated problems in Syria. Of course, that is not new for that whole mid-East area including Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Israel, and stretching into Jordan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and related countries including the Sinai Peninsula and parts of Mediterranean North Africa.

In this case and according to reports, Sunni insurgents in Iraq are trying to combine with those of Syria to create a totally Sunni Islamic state in the region. It has been called ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. This is after the USA first went to war under Bush 41 to help the Iraqi-invaded Kuwait and the Iraqi Kurds. That and the later Iraq war under Bush 43 cost the US trillions of dollars and even worse, thousands of dead and injured US servicemen and women.

This current situation only points out that even within Islamic religion, you have no agreement, no compromise, no tolerance no love, no understanding. Live as the Islamic sect in power tells you or die or leave the country. The Sunnis are fighting (and killing) the Shias (Shiites) (and vice versa) with these being the two main sects of Islam.

There are other sects, and even the Shias and Sunnis have sub divisions within their ranks as to belief. Basically these two main beliefs involve a disagreement over the successor of Muhammad as his father-in-law (Sunni) or son-in-law (Shia). The Shias consist of about 10-20 percent with the Sunnis 70-90 percent of the total Muslim population.

The Shias occupy the government of Iraq but are fewer in number to the Sunnis who are now anxious to rid the area of Shias and enforce their own religious law. Each group is violently opposed to the other. So much for religion and kindness to our fellow man.

None of this fighting or insurrection of Syria and Iraq bodes well for the area, for civilization, or for women. These Abrahamic religions work on the basis of extreme laws, second class citizenship for women and children. In other words, they live as did the Israelites of 2,000 plus years ago during the time of Moses, Abraham, David. Jesus and others of the period.

These Islamic religions or sects follow the rules of the other two Abrahamic religions – Judaism and Christianity – which then at least proscribed stoning deaths for adultery, beheadings, amputations for stealing and prohibiting school and learning for little girls. Women are prohibited from driving and prohibited from going outside their own homes without being accompanied by a male relative.

These restrictions still happen today in the Islamic world, as per the stoning, shootings and killings of young girls only seeking an education along with the veiling and degradation of women.

The concepts, rules and dictates of this religion are Sharia Law and are horrible. That they are currently and have been in the past enforced only adds to the unrest and cruel conditions in the world. Would this insistence of second class citizenship of women and children exist without this harsh, unreasonable religion? Maybe. Maybe not. It is highly unlikely that secular rules and dictates would or could be as bad as this.

The fact remains that Sharia it is being insisted upon by hardliners, the ISIS adherents of the Suniis and is at this moment gaining ground throughout the Arab world.

Religion in this area rules. Religion in this area is cruel. Religion is cruel and should be eliminated.

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