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The women of "The Other Woman" shine

There's quite possibly no more woman-against-woman-sounding title of a movie than "The Other Woman." It is, however, being touted as a friendship-promoting, woman-loving story. One woman, played by Leslie Mann, learns that her husband is cheating on her with Cameron Diaz's character. They then find out together that he's also cheating with a beauty played by model Kate Upton. From there, they become friends and plot revenge on him.

Model Lindsay Ellingson kept it real, with loose, nearly bedhead-y hair.

At recent press events, and on the red carpets for the film premieres, these women have turned up the heat while keeping things loose and fun. Only one sharp updo has been worn, by Kate Upton at a premiere event last week. Other than that, Cameron Diaz's hair has been diagonally parted on the side and either worn completely down, straight, or loosely pinned at her nape with loose pieces falling around her face.

Kate Upton once opted for a fairly sharp, retro-looking updo for the carpet, but has also gone with her locks down long in loose waves.

Other women attending include model Lindsay Ellingson, whose hair was parted on the side but otherwise looked nearly undone... with a bit of wave and not much else happening. Actress Betty Gilpin parted her hair in the center and pulled her hair loosely into a low pony at the center back. And model Sara Sampaio also went completely loose and soft with a side part, a touch of wave, and not much else.

Overall, the stars have chosen loose, soft, "natural" styles for their appearances... and so far, it has served them well. They have looked approachable and real, but beautiful at every event. Their bolder choices in lipstick shades and dress designs have added a touch of glamour, but more so than not, these women have stuck with the theme of the movie... real women and real friendship rule all.

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