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The Woman Who Created A $400 Million A Year Beauty Empire: Suzan Hughes

Suzan Hughes
Suzan Hughes

When Suzan Hughes wed the iconic Founder of Herbalife, Mark Hughes, she never imagined that she would one day single-handedly save the family company. Hughes ownership in Herbalife was sold after his tragic, mysterious, and sudden death in the company of the infamous femme-fatale, Darcy LaPier-Robertson-Rice-Van Damme-Hughes-Snodgrass. Herbalife is once again under the spotlight amid reports of investigations; perhaps Herbalife should consult with the woman who saved the company before, Suzan Hughes.

Mark and Suzan Hughes reigned supreme at Herbalife during its heyday. The Hughes' traveled the world promoting good health and nutrition, they were the first family of Herbalife. Mark built a company on the promise of people taking back control of their health. People were feeling better and no longer needed prescription drugs. They were improving their health and healing their bodies using vitamins and nutritional supplements from Herbalife. According to the May 2014 issue of Beverly Hills Times, at that time the FDA began cracking down on herbal supplement companies that were taking away revenues from big pharma. This was hurting the Herbalife business plan and Suzan came up with a solution. She suggested that Mark take the company public, and produce a line of beauty products under the brand name "Dermajetics" in the skin care and hair care space. Sales skyrocketed to $400 million annually.

Suzan Hughes developed the brand "Dermajetics" 'derma' for skin and 'jetics' for heat. She says the brand was something the FDA would bother with and it would take Herbalife away, at least for the time being, from the ingestible controversy. "I worked hard to develop the best skin care products with the highest quality ingredients," say's Hughes, "my goal was to deliver the best skin care products in the world, and we did." Mark was thrilled and proud of Suzan's accomplishments with the beauty brand which went on to become one of the best selling beauty brands in the world.