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‘The Wolf Among Us Episode Two: Smoke & Mirrors’ now available

The second episode of TellTale Games’ “The Wolf Among Us” series, “Smoke & Mirrors,” is now available on PlayStation 3, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam, TellTale said in a press release today obtained by Examiner.

‘The Wolf Among Us Episode Two: Smoke & Mirrors’ now available
Telltale Games

While the first episode in the series garnered critical acclaim from sites the likes of IGN and PC Gamer, the climax left gamers hungry for more Bigby Wolf. As the series continues to develop in episode two, gamers will see wolf interact with more of their favorite characters in a dingy, noir-inspired world.

"We last left fans of 'FABLES' and 'The Wolf Among Us' on one of the most talked about cliffhangers in Telltale's history, and this week, we're taking players deeper into one of the darkest rabbit holes yet to be explored within the incredible universe that Bill Willingham has created," Dan Connors, CEO and Co-Founder of Telltale Games said in today’s press release. "Consequences of decisions made earlier truly begin to manifest in your relationships with the citizens of Fabletown, as choosing when Bigby will either play nice or lose his cool becomes harder and harder as the stakes grow even higher."

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