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The Wobble and line dancing

Line Dancing
Line Dancing

The Wobble is a line dance that has been around for a while, and it continues to gain in popularity. You begin by shaking your hips and shoulders to the beat of the music. If you observe this dance though, it is mostly women, and not just young women. Women of all ages like to wobble. A few men will get in the line, but not many. The men seem extremely satisfied to sit and watch this dance; the women seem very happy to have a reason to shake it.

Why do people like to line dance? It is not a fad; line dancing has withstood many generations.

In a line dance, there is no holding your partner tight, and feeling romantic. It is the same five or six moves, repeated for 3 to 7 minutes, depending on the song. When you listen to the line dancing music, it really is not very good. However, we love it.

Many people think line dancing started with the country-western set; however, the roots of line dancing began many years before. It is believed the evolution of line dancing started in the 1920s. It may have started with the popularity of the swing dance routines. The Shim Sham Shimmy, a tap and jazz routine, was started as warm-up exercise for the Lindy Hop dancers.

Line dancing stays in our memory banks, long after we have forgotten other dances. You rarely see anyone doing the swim, or the jerk anymore. Yet, you still see people doing The Stroll, The Hustle, and The Electric Slide. As you read the names of these dances, can you see them in your head? Did you know The Hustle, was popularized during the 1970s? It will be interesting to see if thirty years from now, if you mention The Wobble, if it withstands the test of time.

Another unique thing about line dancing is, once in the line, everyone is friendly. Everyone in the line is made to feel welcome. It is actually a great place to meet new people.

When you learn the steps, you can dance anywhere. The moves don’t change much, even if you are in a foreign country. Line dancing is also good mental exercise. It is a way to use the gray cells that is different than your routine day. Maybe a study should be done to see if line dancing for seniors, helps keep dementia at bay.

Back to the original question, why do people love line dancing? The answer is line dancing is the ultimate form of communal bonding. While you are on the dance floor, in a line, doing the exact same thing everyone else is doing, all of you become family for a few minutes. Line dancing is not dependent on having a partner, age, or even ability. Once the music starts fun begins. So, what’s not to love about line dancing?

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