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The 'wob' or wet bob: Hairstyle trend or bizarre name?

Beyonce started one of the hottest hair trends for spring: The wet bob.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The “wob” or the wet bob, made popular by Beyoncé at the Grammys, is one of the hottest hairstyle trends according to a Fox News New York report on Wednesday, and also the current fad of merging two names to form a new one.

Whoever linked wet and bob to form the new term “wob” surely hopes the name will take off as fast as the spring hairstyle trend. However “wob” sounds more like gum that is stuck to the bottom of a shoe rather than the “hot hairstyle of the season.”

Seen on Beyoncé as she performed “Drunk in Love” at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, the wet-look bob has become the hairstyle du jour as evident on fashion runways and red carpets. The edgy bob is also the celebrity haircut of choice, think Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston and Kelly Ripa.

The sexy Simone Boyce of Fox NY traveled to sultry Miami to learn more about the “wob.” Boyce visited Raphael of Femme Coiffure in Miami Beach to try on the wet bob, however instead of a haircut, she opted to alter the very trendy faux bob with the sleek look new hair trend.

The faux bob is a great way to sample a shorter hairstyle, without cutting the hair and an ideal hairstyle for prom. Variations of the faux bob have been seen on celebs such as Taylor Swift, Amy Adams and Lea Michele at the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards.

Raphael explained that the “wet look is sexy” and an easy hairstyle for the summer and the humid months, especially if your hair has a natural wave or curl.

Raphael suggests dampening the hair with water or drying with a diffuser after shampooing. For optimal results do not dry the hair completely. Then, apply styling cream or hair oil to create a sleek, wet look. The Hair Care Examiner recommends BioSilk Silk Therapy.

To create a wet faux bob, follow the above and roll the hair under and secure with hairpins as you leave out some sidepieces. Voila, you have one of the hottest hair trends of the season, perfect for humid summer weather.

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