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'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' dev talks 'Cyberpunk 2077,' PS4 and Xbox One remakes

'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt'
'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt'
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, used with permission

Piotr Krzywonosiuk has commented on the possibility of CD Projekt Red developing remakes of "The Witcher" and "The Witcher 2: Assassin's of Kings" for the PS4 and Xbox One. According to a report from Gamepur on June 17, the lead producer disclosed that there are currently no plans to port either title. Instead, the development team is focusing on other projects.

The first is "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt," which is the biggest project to date for the company. Along with the enhanced graphics, a massive open-world, which can be affected by the player's actions, was also added to the sequel. The development team is also planning to release the software product for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One at the same time.

Piotr Krzywonosiuk also told Game Zone that work has been progressing for "Cyberpunk 2077." The new intellectual property was announced around two years ago, around a year before "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" was officially confirmed. Aside from a teaser trailer, however, CD Projekt Red has not yet showed much of the role-playing game.

"The Witcher" was only released for computer platforms. "The Witcher 2: Assassin's of Kings" came out for the PC as well as the Xbox 360 console. Despite the lack of presence from the previous games, the third installment remains one of the most anticipated video games on the PS4 and Xbox One next-generation systems.

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" recently suffered a delay, however, which could push back "Cyberpunk 2077" and the potential remakes of the first two "Witcher" games. The development team originally planned to complete the production of the third title this year. However, they decided to push the software product to Feb. 24 of next year to add more polish. A screen from the upcoming title can be viewed on top of this article (courtesy of the Facebook site for the "Witcher" gaming series).