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'The Witcher 3' studio co-founder: 'We still have a lot to prove,' talks new-gen

Wild Hunt launches in February 2015
Wild Hunt launches in February 2015
Permission to use photo given by CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt RED has one of the most successful RPG franchises in gaming today and with The Witcher 3 coming up in February 2015, they still feel they have something to prove. What better way to prove something than to create one of the best RPGs gaming has ever seen?

Size isn't everything as we all know, but CD Projekt RED does feel compelled to deliver a game people haven't played before in The Witcher 3. Scale and depth are parts of that, but as CD Projekt RED co-founder Marcin Iwiński states, creating a control scheme that's mutually practical across all platforms is important as well.

"We still have a lot to prove. I think the core audience on PC is more forgiving, so it's easier, but when you go to consoles you really have to try to make things perfect.

"They won't forgive that the buttons don't work as well as they used to, or that there's something clunky in the interface. And that's obviously tougher, but if you take that knowledge and apply it to PC and console as well, it makes the PC game better," Iwiński said.

Controls are obviously an important part of any great game, but that's especially true of a very long, deep game like The Witcher 3. The main campaign is 50 hours long and with all of the systems and options The Witcher 3 will have, controls will be paramount.

The game was recently delayed into 2015, but with good reason. CD Projekt RED wants this game to be ready and is something that is fundamentally carved into their DNA. They know fans are expecting something grand and great. We will all find out if this comes to fruition when The Witcher 3 launches in February 2015.

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