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The Witch Hunt Is On

The Witch Hunt Is On
The Witch Hunt Is On

The Religious Right has called open season on the Gay Community. In New Mexico a photographer refused to take pictures at a Lesbian commitment ceremony. In states like Washington and Colorado, who find it okay to legalize marijuana, some find doing the work they normally do for straight people offensive to do the same for Gay couples. Now in the State of Arizona there's a bill waiting to be signed by Governor Jan Brewer that would allow businesses the right to refuse gay couples service due to their religious beliefs.

Now I have a question has the Gay community put a target on their heads and said we are gay. How are these businesses going to decide if you are gay? How all of sudden has this become a religious fight over service. Aren't businesses there to make money? Whats even more ironic is the fact that Sen. John McCain and republicans who voted on the bill want it defeated. This is a bill that gained momentum but in reality never was truly thought through correctly. We now wait for this decision to arrive later in the week.

Now in the Country of Uganda, if you are Gay you are branded a deviant and your name is printed in the paper. President Museveni signed into law a tougher Anti Gay law that provides for tougher punishment for homosexual activity. I did not know that Gay's were having sex in the streets of Uganda. How would people know if two men or two women were having sex. Are their cameras in every house or apartment in Uganda. I didn't think they had that kind of money in their country.

Prior to the Sochi Olympics President Putin came out with his Anti Gay ordinances about not going without shirts and how this could be construed as homosexual. Damn, I always have been a heterosexual and I go with out my shirt, does this now make me Gay.

Has everybody gone nuts over night? I must say that when Gay couples wanted to be married I had reservations. I felt that in a Church that this would be wrong. As a state law though I am an American and have to follow the laws of the land. If the State says it's okay for gay couples to be married then whose business is it anyway, not mine. The idea of losing money because you think someone is Gay is ludicrous. I didn't know America was out of it's financial difficulties. More to come on this one.