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'The Wishing Well' a romance on Hallmark Channel

"The Wishing Well" is a Hallmark Original Movie about big-city reporter who is sent to a small town on assignment and feels out of place. The film stars Ernest Borgnine, Sally Kellerman and Jordan Ladd.

Ernest Borgnine stars in The Wishing Well on Hallmark Channel
Crown Media / Hallmark Channel

When a city-bred journalist heads to small-town Illinois for a story, her one-day visit turns into a much longer stay with the toss of a coin.

"The Wishing Well" stars Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Ernest Borgnine, Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Sally Kellerman and Jordan Ladd (“Death Proof”). The cast also includes Jason London (“All Roads Lead Home”), Jadin Gould (“United States of Tara”), Tempestt Bledsoe (“The Cosby Show”), Yeardley Smith (“The Simpsons”) and Charles Shaughnessy (“The Nanny”).

Cynthia Tamerlin (Ladd) is a celebrity writer who is happy to have never left New York City. Her boss, Bosley (Shaughnessy) is disappointed that she has not landed an important interview, so he sends her on an assignment that she feels is beneath her. Bosley sends her to the small town of Slow Creek, Illinois where she is to write about the town's legendary wishing well.

Cynthia has a chip on her shoulder from the moment she arrives in town. She meets a handsome man named Mark Jansen (London) who directs her to the charming hotel run by cheerful Big Jim (Borgnine). Later she learns that Mark is the editor of the town's newspaper. She also meets Donette (Kellerman), a waitress who also happens to be Big Jim's ex-wife.

The wishing well is supposed to have magical powers, but people in town have started to doubt that the well can grant wishes. Cynthia visits the well where she meets 10-year-old Abby Jansen (Gould), a loyal believer in the well’s wish-granting powers. Abby is the daughter of Mark, who stopped believing in miracles after his wife’s death.

Abby and Cynthia wish for the same thing simultaneously: To simply be happy. Mysteriously, things begin to change.

As Cynthia works on her assignment she learns about some of the characters in the town and is amazed at how happy they seem.

After completing her assignment, Cynthia gets back on the plane to fly home, but a strange thing happens. Cynthis dozes off and finds herself waking up back in her hotel room in Slow Creek. She has strange interactions with people who do not remember her, as well as with people who claim to know her when she does not know them. Her expensive clothing and possessions have also been replaced with more average attire and accessories.

Back in New York, she is once again successful and even gets a promotion, but she feels that she was given a chance to see what another type of life would be like. She is faced with making a decision about where she feels she can be happy and have a sense of belonging.

The cast includes: Jordan Ladd (Cynthia), Jason London (Mark), Ernest Borgnine (Big Jim), Sally Kellerman (Donette), Yeardley Smith (Mary), Charles Shaughnessy (Bosley) and Jadin Gould (Abby).

“The Wishing Well” is an LG Films Production, in association with Larry Levinson Productions. Larry Levinson is the executive producer, Randy Pope and Michael Moran are the co-executive producers, and Brian J. Gordon is the producer. David Jackson directed from a script by Steven H. Berman.

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