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'The Wire' actress Taylor King talks about getting the role of Zenobia Dawson

Actress Taylor King from 'The Wire'
Actress Taylor King from 'The Wire'
Photo courtesy of Taylor King, used with permission

Zenobia Dawson on "The Wire" would curse anybody out without hesitation, fix her hair and keep it moving. She didn't particularly seem phased when she was called out of class to be included in The University of Maryland pilot program (corner boys versus stoop boys program). Whether she was included in the "corner boys" or not, none of the guys were going to disrespect her, including the always relentless Namond Brice.

In this interview with The Wire Examiner, Taylor King -- the actress behind Zenobia Dawson -- reflects on what made her change her mind about not wanting "The Wire" role, what she thinks of the show today, who she secretly had a crush on, what adult actor gave her a lasting impression of how fatherhood should be and her current acting dreams.

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