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The winter solstice arrives and the light is returning!

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"Ring out the old, ring in the new...Ring out the false, ring in the true
Alfred Lord Tennyson

"Surrender to the unknown." Adyashanti

Tonight at 9:30 PM Pst the Sun moves to 0 degrees Capricorn and we hit the darkest moment of the year, the Winter Solstice. From this point on, the light is returning!

And while every year there is such a Solstice Point, this year is exceptionally unusual. For we are in a rare, even sacred, 'changing of the guard' time, coming out of the potent eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini on Nov 24 and Dec 10.

So here is a special astro-message to any who might feel uncommonly alone during these holidays (and I don't just mean 'single' in the conventional sense):

Never have I had so many folks call me for readings to say they feel so deeply solitary.

So if you feel this way, I am writing to say please don't worry. Your cup will be refilled soon enough if you are open!

For many folks, depending on their charts, this is a time of complete karmic restructuring and realignment. And this is not ONLY because of the Solstice and the eclipses. Saturn's lengthy passage through Libra, the sign of relationships, has created a seemingly endless purification and clearing in that area for over a year now.

For many, strong solitude has been needed to get clear on what is useful and what is outlived dross.

Certain connections have outworn their purpose and new ones are coming for the next cycle. Absolutely nothing to fear.

I was thinking today it's as if the whole social jigsaw puzzle has been throw into the air and hasn't landed quite yet in its new shape. That however, may begin within a few days as the New Moon arrives Saturday in early Capricorn and Jupiter (the planet of good fortune and abundance) turns direct at the same time.

What's strange is this is all falling at a time when the culture says we should WANT to feel vibrant and social and festive. But these inward, introspective transits (at least until the weekend) may have left you feeling anything BUT. So go with your feelings. They'll likely change soon enough.

The principles I like to follow from Divine Order (and that are contained in "Outrageous Openness") would say,

"The perfect people who are needed for the next stage of this incarnation are already selected and you'll be guided to them easily and effortlessly."

You could also add, if you feel inspired, "And let me feel worthy and open to receiving the companionship and love of these beings." If you align with that, nothing really needs to be 'done' to make this organic reception of energy occur. No hunting needed. Friends, lovers, colleagues, all is included.

Those from the past who vibrate with your new cycle will stay, others will go. And new energy will come either way in due time.

In the meantime, the deepest of blessings to this holy and mysterious passage.

Many things can only be the dark.



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