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'The Winter Soldier' routs all, recruits en masse fandom for 1st at box office

If Marvel Cinematic Universe requires an adrenalizer component to shift movie-goer's fandom up a notch towards "The Avengers: Age of Ultron", then who better to subsist its Phase 2 dynamism then its First Avenger.

First place ranking: $95. million
Marvel Entertainment
With Phase 2 rolling onward, Marvel gets the superhero boost from 'Winter Solderi' in ticket sales following 'Thor: The Dark World'.
Marvel Entertainment

Marvel's cinematic Living Legend enhances just that attention; now, April 4 through April 6, and all because of its opening weekend geyser of ticket sales.

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is breaking expectations; on its way redefining this year's box office kudos.

On its inaugural three-day, the sophomore Steve Rogers flick enjoys a Helicarrier contrail height of $95. million. That upthrust made it 2014's greatest box office crowners bar any genre. An achievement hyping Marvel's latest to be a comics film grossing more on its debut than this year's comics flicks "I Frankenstien" and "300: Rise of an Empire" combined (sans throwing in the original animation screenplay "The LEGO Movie" to boot).

April gets a new vanguard benchmark as the month's greatest openers succumb to "Captain America: The Winter Soldier".

But even franchises out of the Marvel Comics stable fluctuate due to the superhero action-thriller's newfound dominance. It climbs into the Top 10 at 8th place by beating out "Thor: The Dark World" and Sony's "Spider-Man 2". The line is drawn still by "Iron Man", staunch within a 7th place rank.

The First Avenger isn't without film setting limits. In comparison to superhero movies overall, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" could only find a decent initial undertaking at eleventh place. A far super-soldierly leap from the listing's respective Top 5: "The Avengers"; "Iron Man 3"; "The Dark Knight Rises"; "The Dark knight"; "Spider-Man 2".

Being of a trendsetter part of the industry doesn't make the movies replete down the weekend placings.

A skip down the box office allotments sets a long off second slate where the Russell Crowe starring Paramount-ambitioner "Noah" by Paramount lands at $17. mil, just ahead of Lionsgate and Summit's sci-fi blockbuster "Divergent", a $12.9 million gainer for the weekend.

The weekend of April 4 to April 6 wasn't without additional upward movers. "God's Not Dead" broke the leaderboard barrier into the Top 5 on its 3rd week running. Pure Flix Entertainment's drama assumes 4th place with $7.7 million. At $6.1 mil comes "Muppets Most Wanted" claiming 5th.

For comic book movies' side of theater offerings, this ticket-sales breakout fires off what the 2014 stakes take to exceed. What movie-goers can look forward to challenge what began the commercial salivation over superhero fare. It's the likely Spring preamble to the upcoming Summer's proliferate attempts.


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