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The Winner Is Russia

The Winner Is Russia
The Winner Is Russia

That's right the Crimea has chosen to go back to Russia. Okay, who didn't see this one coming. Putin rolled the dice and it came up winners. He has gotten back a foot hold into the Ukraine and you know he wants to go after the rest of it. Now here's the question, is the world going to give it to him? Why yes, you know they are going to give it to him. Europe is too dependent upon Russia for it's oil and is not going to argue the point with them. The United States are in many different parts of the world and the Ukraine just doesn't mean that much to it.

So where do we go from here? Later this week the Crimea will send a delegation to Moscow and request to be annexed back into the Russian Federation. It was called the Soviet Union the last time when it was part of the group. Now it is gone but what about the rest of the Ukraine.

The disturbances in the western Ukraine were mainly staged for the vote in the Crimea but there is some hard evidence that it too would like to be part of Russia again. Whether it has the man power to withstand a Russian push is anybody's guess. Personally I see it going without a shot. You see what we have here is a failure to understand that these are Slavic people on both sides and they don't want to actually fight each other. The Ukraine should never have broken off from Mother Russia. It has been Russian for too many centuries. There are too many ties and it just doesn't make any sense to fight each other over this.

Now what the west could do is possibly sit down with Putin and discuss the possibility of the Ukraine going back to Russia and what will Russia give for it. Putin has had this burr up his butt about the Ukraine for many decades and he will give something for it. You just have to play him right.

Putin is a gambling man and he will gamble for it because he doesn't want to lose life over it if he can help it. What Europe must see is that to save face and gain something in the end it would be better to deal with Putin than to fight him. Going up against a renewed Russia is suicide. Blood is blood and Ukrainian blood is more Russian than European.

The funniest part of all this is that the American President Barack Obama is to stupid to realize this and will go the sanction route. He will talk Europe into doing the same thing and in the end Putin will take it and give nothing back in return.