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The Wildest Mustang

Sallie stands on a box for the first time

It took me three long years of trying to touch Mustang Sallie to finally touch her. I am a novice horse person with an old love for wild horses. Sallie came into my life as an old untouchable mustang with a bad case of sweet itch. Sweet itch is an allergy to "no seeums," bugs that cause a hivey scaley condition. Sallie had been rescued, was small, looked like a lizard, and basically no one wanted an ungentled ugly mustang. But I did, and I was determined to touch her.

Many times I felt like giving up and giving her away, but for some reason, I hung on. I was very afraid that if I gave her away that she would end up being euthanized. It is hard enough in the rescue world to find homes for trained horses, so I persisted.

Three years ago, it finally happened. I put my hand on her, but I wanted more. I wanted to be able to treat her for her sweet itch. Things began to happen after that first touch. Slowly, but surely, inch by inch, I began to obtain Sallie's trust.

Now, my little horse does anything I ask her as long as she can figure out what I'm asking. The plus side is that we are finally able to keep the sweet itch at bay.

The message in this is NEVER GIVE UP! If you want something, keep after it, and you will get it.

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