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The Wild Cow: you can eat healthy

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The Wild Cow, at 1896 Eastland Avenue, is part of the vibrant scene in East Nashville. The building where it is situated has been expanded to cover the area once occupied by a nursing home, and improvements are continuing. The Wild Cow itself is a rather small, always full restaurant with a varied clientele.

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The restaurant is vegetarian, not vegan, using cheese products. I was surprised to see a beautiful, tempting array of gluten-free desserts on the bar counter. Drinks are sweetened with the juice of the agave cactus, and organic soy milk is available. I treated myself to a banana peanut butter smoothie, served with a dash of nutmeg. This drink felt sinfully sweet and rich for a vegetarian restaurant! Surprisingly, you can get this drink with kale added, but it costs more.

Appetizers, tacos, entrees, sandwiches, and salads are all available, and the waitstaff is happy to answer any questions you might have. I went for the lentil bowl (with carrots and cauliflower) and was asked my choice of brown rice or quinoa as a base. Naturally, I asked what quinoa actually is. It turns out to be a seed that is richer in protein than brown rice, so I ordered the rice. Small seeds are not kind to people with dentures. The dish was topped with sour cream and parsley. This was a tasty, filling meal, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it was so filling I couldn't try one of the desserts; I'll go back for that.

The Wild Cow is a friendly, off-beat restaurant whose eclectic decor includes tee shirts for sale, photographs, art work, and wine bottles. Wine and beer are, after all, strictly vegetarian, and you may find many unusual varieties here. I have included a slideshow.