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The Wild Angelz - keeping metal alive & well...

The Wild Angelz
The Wild Angelz
Photo courtesy of WA.

"We sound like whatever you think we should sound like." 

Coming straight off their very first CD release party at the Gothic Theatre, The Wild Angelz are looking to take on the world.   This metal act, comprised of Nikki Steal (vocals & bass), Roxii Camaro (lead guitar), T.Z. Synn (guitar, also some lead) and Miki Mayhem (drums) have some high aspirations after getting their first CD (Love Denied) under their belt.

Q:  How long have you guys been together?  What other bands did you come from?

Roxii:  We formed over 5 years ago as Phoenix Rising.  The band was started by me and our original drummer Anthony Vail after we left our former band, Grimwar.  Nikki came in from a band called Easily Distracted By Shiny Objects.  T.Z. joined us after he left Nuclear Terror and Necrofox.  Miki joined us over a year ago, and well, he just came from the basement.

Q:  How would you describe each of your roles in the band?

Miki:  I am the awesome creator.  I play drums here and there.

T.Z.:  Rhythm guitar and Thrasher – T.Z.

Roxii:  Lead guitar and resident hair metal guru.

Nikki:  The voice.  Whether it be singing, or keeping the other three from killing each other.

Q:  Approximately how much of your material is original music?

Roxii:  All of our material is original.  We do play a few covers here and there, but we are an original band.

Q:  Who writes most of the material?  Can you describe the general song writing process?

A:  Roxii writes a majority of the music for our songs.  Lyrically, Miki and Nikki take the reigns a lion’s share of the time.  Really, I just hear the chords in my head, whether Miki is playing a beat or the room is completely silent, I hear the voices.  We can’t really pin down a general strategy we have for writing songs.  It’s different every time we write a song.  At times we start with the lyrics and write the music around that, other times Miki will just be rockin’ and we’ll start playing along and write lyrics to whatever comes out.  That’s just the Wild Angelz style!

Q: How would you describe your new EP?

Roxii:  One word: EPIC!!

Q:  Where do you do your recording?  Is there anything you'd want to change about the recordings?  What have you learned from recording?

Roxii:  We recorded our first few demos at The Alley Studios in Denver with Dave Fox, the sound guy at Clearchannel Studios in Greenwood Village.  After that, we recorded our EP at John Macy Sound Studios in Denver, CO with Clark Hagan.  Overall, we are extremely happy with the recordings.  Every song just blows your mind!!  But with any work of art, the artist can always find something to improve upon.  This recording strengthened our bonds with our management and opened our eyes to what actually goes into making a high quality record.

Q:  Any advice for other local bands?

Miki:  Don’t get angry with the fans that don’t show up, but be happy for the ones that do.

Nikki:  Always be supportive of the other bands that you play with.  Respect for fellow musicians can take you everywhere in this industry.

Roxii:  Sleep every chance you can get, and eat lots of cocoa pebbles.  Lots and lots of cocoa pebbles. They really are the spice of life!

T.Z.:  Don’t get wasted or do anything stupid before going on stage.  Make sure your equipment works before getting to the venue.

Q:  Do you have plans to tour?  If so, where will you be heading?

A:  We plan on touring sometime over this summer.  It’s still in rudimentary stages right now, but we do have plans to begin touring this summer.  We are planning on touring through the Midwest.  We don’t have any certain destinations yet.

Q:  Who's your favorite local band?  Favorite venue to play?

A:  Collectively, our favorite band is The Threatened.  Bands like Blindfold the Devil and Dread Pirate Roberts have shown us a lot of support over the years as well.  Our favorite local venue that we have played thus far has been the Gothic Theatre.

Q:  What would be your dream gig (locally)?

A:  A sold out Invesco Field!  Playing the Castle Donnington Festival or Wacken.  But realistically for this year, The Fillmore Auditorium is our dream gig.

Q: What's next for the Wild Angelz?

Roxii:  TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!!!  And twinkies… lots and lots of twinkies…

Thanks, guys!

The Wild Angelz's just played the Boulder Theatre (4/7/10) and their next stop is Saturday, 4/24/10, at The Toad Tavern. 


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