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The Widowhood Effect brings closure to the Almost Famous Tour at Republic of Pie

The Widowhood Effect brings closure to the Almost Famous Tour at Republic of Pie.
The Widowhood Effect brings closure to the Almost Famous Tour at Republic of Pie.
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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—The Widowhood Effect ended their “Almost Famous Tour” at Republic Of Pie, on July 19. They were the direct support, Angela Mukul and Josh Achorn were the opening acts and Funk Everything was the headlining act.

James Curtis is the vocalist and guitarist, Russell Basques plays the guitar, bass and banjo, Brandon Benoit plays the foot tambourine, electronic kick drum, bass and guitar for The Widowhood Effect.

Before The Widowhood Effect began their performance with “Her Noise”, Curtis thanked the spectators for attending. He mentioned they were currently on a west coast tour and they were from the state of Colo. As Curtis sang portions of the lyrics, he would back away from the microphone and allowed his voice to carry throughout the venue all by itself.

Curtis began “Thinking About Me” by playing alone. He was soon accompanied by Benoit and Basques, as they incorporated four instruments. As the music increased the tempo—Curtis’ voice became more aggressive, as he stepped away from the microphone and let his voice carry as he did for “Her Noise”. Basques slapped the strings of his bass with various parts of his hand, to match Curtis’ intensity.

Prior to “Stoker”, Curtis entertained the crowd with his sense of humor and said they would be the next Bon Jovi. After placing his capo onto a different fret, The Widowhood Effect continued with the performance. Curtis and Benoit started the song off, as Benoit incorporated all of his instruments. Shortly after, Basques played the bass strings individually and completed the trio.

“Web Of Lies” followed and before The Widowhood Effect could perform, Curtis mentioned they had merchandise for sale. He stated the different price ranges they had for the album and t-shirts. He went onto say the set of matches were free. He put away his guitar and focused on the vocals. Benoit and Basques paused once during the choruses. For the last set of instrumentals, he held his note over three pauses and lasted about 15 seconds.

“One Last Cigarette” brought an end to The Widowhood Effect’s recital. Prior to them beginning, an audience member asked whereabouts of Colo. they were from. Curtis mentioned they were 45 minutes south of Colorado Springs, Colo. Then, the spectator recalled how he used to live in the Fort Collins, Colo.

“Dead Queen” and “The Banjo Song” were also part of The Widowhood Effect’s set.

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