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The White House continues announcing doctored numbers on Obamacare enrollment

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McKinsey, the leading management consulting firm, has been conducting monthly surveys of the exchange-eligible population under the auspices of its Center for U.S. Health System Reform.

The Obama administration for months has been providing satisfactory numbers pertaining to many people are gaining health coverage due to Obamacare. The numbers are grossly inflated.

Not everyone who chose a “selected a marketplace plan” under Obamacare actually paid the required premiums, They simply signed up and have not actively become covered.

Secondly, only a fraction of people on the exchanges were previously uninsured.

McKinsey reveals this misconception in its report. Their new survey provides the real numbers.

While the White House proclaims 3.3 million people as Obamacare exchange “sign-ups,” less than 500,000 are actual uninsured people who have actually gained health coverage. Many Obamacare ‘enrollees’ aren’t actually enrolled.

The most recent study, conducted last month, surveyed the exchange-eligible population under the watchful eye of its Center for U.S. Health System Reform.

In that survey, 2,096 eligible respondents found only 48 percent had actually signed up for a 2014 health plan. Of that 48 percent, three-fifths were previously insured and liked their old plans, actually keeping them.

Only two-fifths were signed up for coverage on the Obamacare exchanges.

Those are the real numbers that spell the coming disaster of the health care law.

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